Black Friday Tournament 2022

2022 Champions - Josh & Chris

Shit Bowl Champs - Greg & Steve

3rd Annual

Black Friday Cornhole Tournament

NEW DATE in anticipation of weather!
November 23, 2022

2022 Black Friday Registered Players

Ryan Schutz

Josh "The King" Bunkers

Ronald Anthony Lucas Jr

Chris "Viking" DeSimone

Yanni Vassiliou

Mike DeSimone

Don Pierson

Sam Dutro

Chris "Cowboy" Wilson

Greg Harrison

Kevin Duffy

David Brady

Tom Dula

Steve Cashion

Greg Whittenmeier

Brian DeSimone

The Third Annual Black Friday Tournament

Bags, bond fires, blues, beer barrel, bratwursts & bragging rights.  The previous champions will defend the thrown, while the lesser of men will draw a random partner in an attempt to dethrone them in the last competitive tourney of the year.  We had a 40 degree temperature swing between 2020 and 21, so come prepared.  Rain/Snow date will be Saturday, November 26th.  We draw teams at 2PM sharp from those that register and show. The first two games will commence at 2:30PM. 


Wednesday November 23, 2022  5:00pm.  5:30pm Drawing of Teams.  6:00pm First Toss! 

2022 will be an upgrade to the previous two with better lighting, boards, bags, drier lawn conditions and apparel for the champions.  

$5 Player Entry Fee this year to help cover the costs for a quarter keg and brats.  BYOB/Food if you want something special. 

Official Rules

SCORING:  To ensure scores are kept properly, each match will have a witness who will be tracking each team’s points/stats throughout the match – Scores will be displayed in real time on the outdoor movie screen.  We will have leaderboards, with team stats posted – averages and so on.  There will be no clearing of the boards until the score has been tallied.  Play to 21, win by 2.  We don’t play the go over 21 rule resets your score. 

DOUBLE ELIMINATION:  This is a double elimination tournament.  If you lose twice, you’re out.  There will be a separate playoff for the teams that don’t win a single game in order to be crowned the 2022 Shit Bowl Champion. 

BAGS:  We will have five sets of pro ACL stick/slick side style bags available.  Your team can choose whatever set suits you or bring your own.  Two different sets of bags are allowed in one match.  For example, one team can throw Slide-Rite brand and the other can throw Jekyll & Slyde brand. 

PLAYER POSITIONING WHEN THROWING:  Players on the same team will face each other when throwing.  One on the left at one end and one on the right on the other side.  You choose who throws left or right side.

WARM UPS:  One round each side

SEEDING/DRAW:  We will be playing a round of blackjack to determine teams and seeds – Details with be revealed at the time of draw. 

TIME OUTS: Each time is allowed two time-outs to walk the other side and inspect the bag layout before their next throw.

WHO THROWS FIRST?  Higher seed always throws first. 

Passing of the Champions

RETURNING CHAMPS:  The DeSimone Brothers (former Sparta residents) hailing from Hackettstown are the defending champions and are the only paired team entering the tournament.  If they can’t make it, then everyone draws. 

The passing of championship medals will stay in tradition, and yes DeSimone Brothers, they will be passed.  The passing of the last place shit hats will also make their way to new owners, or will they? 

2021 Champions - DeSimone Brothers
2021 Shit Bowl Champions - Tyler & Sam