Black Friday 2021

2021 Champions - DeSimone Brothers

2021 Shit Bowl Champions - Tyler & Sam

2021 Registered Players



Brian Foley

Chris "The Viking" DeSimone

Greg Wittenmeier

Greg Harrison

Ron Lucas

Sam Dutro

Chris "Cowboy" Wilson

Don Pierson

Steve Cashion

Tom Dula

Mike DeSimone

Tyler Curd

Luck of the Draw!

Official Rules 

LOTDBF – Luck of the Draw Black Friday Tourney – 2PM Drawing; 2:30PM Start

2020 Defending Champion – Ryan & Yanni; Number one seed. 

Everyone Else – Names will be written down on paper, crinkled up, and thrown into a hat.  Two names will be drawn at a time to determine teams. 

Seeding – Defending champs have the first seed.  The order of which teams are drawn determines their bracket seeding; First team selected gets the two seed, second gets the third and so on.

Two Sets of Boards – The Stone Swamp and Schitz Creek located over the bridge to Terabithia.  Adequate lighting provided, watch for extension cords!

Double Elimination – The winner of the winner’s bracket will need to be beaten twice for the gold medal!  Standard brackets will be pulled from the internet and there is the possibility of a one game playoff for lower seeds depending on the number of teams.

Betting (Optional) – To add a second level of play, anyone is free to bet on any matches you’re not playing in.  Last year’s big winner took home $80.  Betting will be handled by Sam & Josh – See them for details.

Da Pitts!

Corn Hole Rules/Must Knows

1)      Each team must select a right side of board thrower.  That player will be paired with the left side thrower from the opposing team. You are allowed to switch any time before the first throw should you feel it is a better matchup.  No switching after the first throw.

2)      A coin toss will be held before each game.  The winner chooses to throw first or second.  The winner of each scoring round will lead the throw. 

3)      BYOB – I will have tequila for each opposing team Yanni and I will be playing.

4)      Have Cash – We will order pizza, subs, etc.  Help split and have some leftover to bet a few on games!

5)      Temperature and light snow/rain is not a factor – If we can start a fire the tourney is on!  Bring hand warmers, extra layers, etc.; Rain Date is Saturday the 27th

6)      Each team is allowed one warm up round.

7)      Play to 21, must win by 2. 

8)      Ultimate Loser Playoff – The worst two teams of the night will face off to avoid the last place prize.

- Video of Josh -

A scouting combine was performed on October 23rd 2021 and here are the results. 

For our gambling degenerates, use this information lightly as we tracked statistics over a course of 4 hours, and each hour produced drastic changes in performance. 

- Pic of Sam & Tom -

Foot Fouls Will be Called!