2nd Annual

Gold Cup Cornhole Tournament
June 3rd 3:30pm


The Gold Cup Show

Register for the 2023 Gold Cup HERE

2023 Gold Cup Registered Players

Josh "The King" Bunkers

Kevin Duffy

Ryan Schutz

Ronald Anthony Lucas Jr

Chris "Cowboy" Wilson

Yanni "The Greek" Vassiliou

Kelley "The Killer" Henrie

Thor Wespestad

Greg Harrison


Greg Wittenmeier

Tyler Curd

Robert Stone

Jimmy Wright

Brian Yost

Justis Fillamor

Steve Cashion

Spencer Davis

John Incantalupo

John Antanies


Gold Cup 

Official Rules 

Time – Gold Cup Tournament – 3:30PM Drawing; 4:00PM Start

Championship, Winner of the Winner Trophies- Double elimination as winner of consolation bracket.  Re-challenged Championship Bracket winner ND must win two games.

Drawing – 8 Teams will be randomly drawn from the first 16 RSVP’s, up to 16 teams (32 participants). 

Loser of the Loser Trophies  – The losing team advances through the Losers of the Losers brackets until they win, at which time they are released from the Losers of the Losers brackets.

Brackets – Standard brackets will be pulled from the internet and there is the possibility of a one game playoff for lower seeds depending on the number of teams.

Betting (Optional) – To add a second level of play, anyone is free to bet on any matches you’re not playing in.  

2022 Gold Cup

Josh "The King" Bunkers

Ronald Anthony Lucas Jr

2022 Gold Cup Losers of the Losers

Kevin Duffy

Spencer Davis